B_The Life of Akmal

At the age of 11 Akmal Saleh’s parents gathered up their children and left Egypt headed for Australian shores. Growing up in a typical Sydney suburb, Akmal began to recognise the differences between his Arab heritage and the Australian way of life, which would later shape him as a comedian.

Akmal began his comedy career going by the name Peter so he could get booked in RSL clubs and it wasn’t before long that Akmal displayed his uncanny gift to walk on stage and instantly have the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. After only a few years Akmal become one of the most sort after acts touring with international comedians such as Steven Wright, Ben Elton and The Amazing Johnathan.

This book, like the hugely successful The Sound Of Laughter by UK comedian Peter Kay, charts Akmal’s early life in Egypt with his eccentric family to his first gigs at Bikie conventions, his marriage, his ever increasing success both on stage and TV towards becoming one of the best known and loved comedians in Australia.