You spend your whole life out there where the rubber meets the road, toiling at the coal face, dealing with the dregs (I apologise, cliche factory had a sale on), then one day some numpty crosses the line and something in you just snaps. 

For Jacques it was when an arrogant washing machine repairman found it weird your boy didn’t know what the DP was. Why the f*&K would Jacques know? That’s why you’re employed, you f*^king crumb! A quick google search and 60 seconds later JB knew what a DP was, where to order one and how to install. He turfed the tradie and Youtube tutorialed that Fisher & Paykel back to life… 

Congrats Craig, You Woke the Bear! 

Jacques has been on a quest to lift the lid on shifty business practices ever since. To shine a spotlight on any shady operators who withhold the tiniest nuggets of information and demand huge pounds of flesh for the privilege… 

What secrets will he uncover? What life hacks will we find? Which industries can we bring to their knees?  

That’s for the courts to decide… (Not a lawyer, not going to court, yet) 

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