Hello, I’m Jacques Barrett: Actress, Writerer and 14 yr veteran of the world comedy circuit. I am cordially inviting you to an hour of peace talks between the following warring parties: the “Woke” and the “Asleep”.… It will be a casual dialogue, a friendly negotiation, a fun little round table discussion where I will be the only one talking.

Everywhere you look, it’s The Left vs Right, Millennials vs Boomers, The Toodlepips V The Buzzqweefs. All these groups at each other’s throats, everyone yelling and no one listening! It’s such a crapshoot out there… but perhaps I can help.

I done gone don’t got all the answers, but I do have over a decade’s experience performing out there where the rubber meets the road: Cruise ships, Rissoles…. Queensland. I’ve had plenty of success bringing stoic, working class heroes around to relatively “woke” concepts with my little jokey jokes. If I can convince my 75 yr old corn-fed, chicken salt of the earth dad that Bitcoin has value, I reckon I can probably end this silly lil’ culture war.

So come down, have an alcohol, and enjoy yet another meticulously written hour-long show in which I change comedy forever

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