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Who doesn't love Tahir?

Tahir is one of Australia’s finest comedians. He has been a feature in all comedy venue’s around the country and has a number of television appearances as credits.

Tahir was named Comedian of the Year and has even been Logie nominated. He has been booked for countless private and corporate functions. He is a regular at major Comedy Festivals, on panel shows, television debates and even Celebrity Theatre Sports.

Tahir has been involved in some of the most successful stage and screen productions see in Australia. He appeared in the fourth series of PIZZA on SBS as the much loved and hilarious character ‘Habib’. He was also an integral member of the team in the hit movie ‘Fat Pizza’, both starring in and co­writing the screenplay.

He is also the co­-creator of the hit new Ch9 comedy show “Here Come The Habibs” after initially coming up with the concept. He was the story consultant and the show was well received and achieved huge rating before being commissioned again for another series.

Tahir is a prolific performer with a reputation for adapting to any audience and environment. He has the ability to tailor his material to any company, corporate event or situation. He is a proven dynamic performer over many years.

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